BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps in the BMW Z4 Roadster.

Communication, information and entertainment – experience mobility in a completely new way with the Services & Apps from BMW ConnectedDrive.

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ConnectedDrive Services provides you with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features on the road. These include BMW Online, which gives you access to current, localized information such as weather, news, online search and also office functions. It is also possible to put together individualised services such as webcams, parking information and travel or hotel guides. This option also includes secure and unlimited access to smartphone apps such as BMW Connected.


Whether you're on winding coastal roads or simply sightseeing on a cultural trail, the most inspiring routes from BMW ConnectedDrive in many European countries are available in the BMW Z4 Roadster at the touch of a button.
As a BMW Online user, you can access all routes free of charge at www.bmw.com/routes and transfer them to your navigation system. The navigation system acts as your travel guide, taking you from one place to the next and providing information in written and visual formats − which, thanks to BMW ConnectedDrive, is always right up to date. Of course, you can also plan your own route on your PC with Google Maps™ and transfer it to your BMW Z4 Roadster.



Enjoy a very special kind of service – with the Concierge Services from BMW ConnectedDrive. At the touch of a button you are put through to a BMW Call Centre agent who is available to you as a "personal assistant" while you are on the road.
Whether you are looking for a particular restaurant, the nearest cash dispenser or an emergency pharmacy – the BMW Call Centre agent is there to help and can send address details directly to your navigation system if you wish. The agent can even place a reservation at a restaurant or book a hotel room for you. Concierge Services operate independently of your mobile phone and are available to you at home and abroad. Round the clock, seven days a week at no extra cost. ConnectedDrive Services is required in order to use this function.


In addition to the data sources that already exist today, the innovative service from BMW ConnectedDrive also uses municipal traffic data and anonymised movement profiles from mobile phones in the cellular network in order to calculate continuously updated traffic data in real time. With this feature in your BMW Z4, you will always be able to react in time to adverse developments on your route.
As soon as the navigation system detects a problem, it informs you via the Control Display about all the important details. For example, where – to an accuracy of 500 m – is the congestion? In addition, the system calculates the probable delay you can expect to your journey as a result of the traffic situation.
However, the high quality of information is not achieved solely through transmission in real time but also by the coverage of the recorded road network. In addition to the motorway network, Real Time Traffic Information includes almost all the important roads in towns and cities as well as cross-country connections.
Only available in conjunction with the optional equipment ConnectedDrive Services.


The Aupeo! app supplies you with music: the Internet radio draws on a database with 120 genre stations and adapts to your own personal musical taste. For customised musical enjoyment in the BMW Z4 Roadster.
Only listen to the music you like with the special equipment apps, your iPhone and the free app Personal Radio – AUPEO! The customisable Internet radio adapts to your taste in music. At present, you can select tracks from a musical library that contains around 1 million songs from 120 different genres. The buttons ‘Love’ and ‘Ban’ in the Control Display personalise your music taste. ‘Love’ registers your appreciation for a particular song and AUPEO! adds similar songs to the playlist. The ‘Ban’ button deletes the song and AUPEO! won’t play any others like it. Very soon you’ll only be listening to the songs you really like. Like ‘BMW Connected’ AUPEO! is available free of charge in the Apple App Store.
BMW Apps is compatible with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4S requires the optional equipment ConnectedDrive Services and Navigation system Professional.


Be better connected with apps and BMW ConnectedDrive: now you can also enjoy the apps on your iPhone while you’re driving. Simply connect your iPhone to your BMW Z4 Roadster via the snap-in adapter or the original Apple cable and browse through the apps with the iDrive Controller.
‘BMW Connected’, the free app developed by BMW does more than just put Twitter or your calender on the vehicle display: with the new function ‘News’ you can get news updates from all around the world while you drive – via predefined RSS feeds or your own favourite sources. Wiki Local gives you information about your current location, destination or an address of your choice. The information appears on the Control or can be read out using the text-to-speech function.
The ‘Last Mile’ function and the Vehicle Finder guide you to destinations that are set in the navigation system of your BMW – even when you are outside your vehicle – and help you to find your way back. The app ‘BMW Connected’ will be updated on a regular basis and you can look forward to using other ‘BMW Apps ready’ applications (like AUPEO!) in your vehicle too.
Only available in conjunction with the optional equipment ConnectedDrive Services.